50 years working in sofa bed evolution

Zardá is currently beginning its expansion with a new challenge: to have the best sofa beds in the market.

We seek to improve quality standards and we try to satisfy all the consumer's tastes with more attractive and avant garde lines. With this goal, we wish to thank the whole team at Zardá, as well as the people who have supported us in this task.

We hope you enjoy this new project with us.
We've always set ourselves a major goal in all the projects we've carried out in the fifty years this company has been running. This is now associated with our brand, which has allowed us to become a key supplier in our sector.

We began our journey with the goal of creating the best bed conversion mechanisms. Since then, numerous patents have been registered that have made us a leading brand in the sofa bed world.
We later resolved to offer the fastest delivery service, achieving average periods of 15 days.

Our challenge:
to have the best sofa beds in the market